pollution in New Delhi

The Most Polluted Cities In The World

Cities with the worst outdoor air quality in the world

According to the World Air Quality Index (AQI) by Swiss company IQAir, the most polluted cities in the world are New Delhi (India), followed by Lahore (Pakistan) and Kolkata (India) at the third place. Here’s a picture of the ten most polluted cities in the world based on the PM 2.5 value, data regarding November 8, 2023.

Legenda dei valori di inquinamento dell'aria da PM2.5
Lista delle 10 città più inquinate del mondo

The air in New Delhi is so unhealthy to breathe that schools are preponing winter break and wil be closed from November 9 to November 18, to ensure the safety of both children and teachers. In the meanwhile, a pollution control plan will be implemented to curb air pollution.

The connection between outdoor and indoor air quality

Outdoor air quality is closely related to indoor air quality. The two aspect are interconnected through HVAC systems. HVAC draw air from the outdoor environment and circulate it within buildings. The problem arises when outdoor air is severely polluted, as it significantly increases the chances of indoor pollution. HVAC sytems get contaminated over time. When outdoor air is contaminated, this pollution adds to the already present pollutants generated inside the ventilation systems, worsening the situation. 

How to manage indoor air pollution

To ensure pollution doesn’t threathen the health of building occupants, it is fundamental to keep HVAC systems clean. Click on the button below and read about the advantages of HVAC hygiene!

It is often believed that there is no remedy for pollution. Indeed, addressing air pollution requires many complex activities that will take decades, if not more. That is precisely why we must start acting now to protect both the planet and people. To do so, everyone can begin by keeping their HVAC systems clean: let’s start with indoor pollution!

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