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Saudi Vision 2030

What is Saudi Vision 2030?

Saudi Vision 2030 is one the most significant transformation projects for a country, with the goal of transforming Saudi Arabia into an innovative world-leading nation. Saudi Arabia aims to empower its citizens and businesses, diversify its economy, and encourage growht opportunities by 2030. To achieve this, the Saudi government is making substantial investments, under the guide of King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud and Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Vision 2030 strategic objectives

 The Saudi Vision project is structured around three main pillars:
1- An Ambitious Nation–> enhance government effectiveness and promote social responsibility.
2- Thriving Economy–> foster economic growth and diversification; increase employement opportunities.
3-Vibrant Society–> strengthen Islamic and national identity; provide a healthy and fulfilling life for all citizens. 


The project was launched in 2016 and has seen substantial growth in just seven years. It aims to provide opportunities fore veryone to succeed, contributing to the nation’s accomplishments. Many reforms have already been implemented, empowering women and youth and opening the country to the world.

Saudi family Vision 2030

Remotair perfectly fits Saudi Arabia’s needs

If you have visited the Saudi Vision and Neom websites while going through our article, you’ll have surely noticed how innovative, technological and futuristic the project is. Hundreds of smart and next-generation buildings are in the making and they mustn’t only be perfect from a design point of view: they must also guarantee the highest standards of comfort and, above all, safety. Advanced artificial intelligence will be the foundation of Saudi Vision buildings, integrating building management systems. When the game is about smart buildings, one of the top players that can’t be missing is HVAC predictive maintenance. Let us introduce Remotair!

Saudi Vision Projects

Saudi Vision encompasses a wide range of projects, including industrial hubs, wellness destinations, sports and recreational areas, as well as the renovation and modernisation of cities like Jeddah, among many others. The urban transformation of cities is particularly intriguing, as they are evolving into not just more modern but also futuristic urban centers. One notable project is The Line (part of NEOM, a larger initiative), which is a revolutionary city built on a new urban sustainability model reliant on renewable energyNEOM also includes the creation of other cities, such as Oxagon (a floating industrail city), Trojena (a mountain destination offering unparalleled tourism experiences), and Sindalah (a luxury island destination). 

Remotair predictive HVAC maintenance

Artificial intelligence for HVAC predictive maintenance 

Remotair is a world-class technology for HVAC systems that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance human health and improve the quality of life. The system digitalizes both new and existing HVAC systems, ensuring that they never reach dangerous levels of contamination. With optimal indoor air quality, occupants of new buildings will always breathe clean air. Maintaining HVAC hygiene is fundamental to prevent indoor air contamination: a dirty HVAC system can lead to severe ilnesses and, in the worst cases, even to death. We aim to assist Saudi Arabia in achieving its goal of becoming one of the safest and healthies countries in the world! 

Remotair’s strenght is real-time HVAC hygiene monitoring: this machine learningbased system remotely monitors the hygiene of HVAC systems, 365 days a year. As an autonomous system, Remotair will make you save time, money and effort by signaling when HVAC systems require cleaning. This will provide its users the power to prevent and defeat any contamination that could be harmful to human health!

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