The Remotair team in Dubai.

HVAC Hygienic Maintenance: Our Trip To KSA And UAE!

In December, the Remotair Team took a trip to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Thanks to our strong partnership with local companies, we had the opportunity to meet many stakeholders and further promote the culture of HVAC hygienic maintenance. Here’s a brief summary of our trip!

Saudi Arabia

The initial stops on our trip were the cities of Dammam and Al Khobar, which we visited with our partners from KSA: Allied Mechanical and Ebrahim Al Jassim Sons Trading. During these visits, our Team engaged with members of companies deeply interested in safeguarding people’s health and well-being through the correct hygienic maintenance of ventilation systems.

One source of immense pride for us is the conference we hosted at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (College of Architecture and Planning). During this event, we held a lesson for Construction Engineering students,  discussing innovation within the HVAC sector. We received a Certificate of Appreciation for our contribution!

The Remotair Team receives a certificate of appreciation in Saudi Arabia.

United Arab Emirates

Following our visit to KSA, our journey proceeded to Dubai, UAE. This time, we were joined by our friends at Seltrade General Trading. The awareness level regarding HVAC hygiene issues is very high in this region, and we’re excited about our many upcoming projects in this area!

The Remotair Team in front of Al Jalila Childrens Hospital in Dubai.

The importance of HVAC Hygienic Maintenance in KSA and UAE

Evolving Cities

KSA and UAE boast stunning, modern megacities .The GCC region is undergoing rapid trasformation both socially and economically: for example, let’s just think about the Saudi Vision 2030 project! A shift toward smart cities is taking place, and most urban areas will embrace advanced technology. Smart buildings won’t be smart enough without  intelligent HVAC systems to safeguard occupants from potential illnesses caused by indoor air pollution

HVAC And Dust Storms

Dust storms, very common in this region, are a frequently underestimated issue. This natural phenomenon has bad consequences on HVAC systems, adding sand to the existing contamination, posing an increased risk to human health and to the proper functioning of the system. 

People in the GCC area are familiar with the risks associated with HVAC contamination. We met stakeholders across various sectors, including healthcare, facility management, design, engineering, construction and government ministries. At Remotair, we offer solutions to enhance your HVAC hygienic maintenance methods and we fight to defeat indoor air contamination!

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