RemotAir® is an Artificial Intelligence based system for continuous air treatment system hygiene monitoring.
The system protects workplace health and safety with revolutionary RemotAir technology.

The main challenge in the management of an air treatment system is its hygiene monitoring.

To understand the hygiene and operating conditions of an air treatment system normally requires a non-trivial inspection by qualified technicians, switching off the system and disassembling its parts, all of which has significant costs.
For this reason, current legislation only requires inspections to be carried out at least once a year, on a periodic basis.
The problem is that, if, after the annual inspection, something happens to the system and it becomes contaminated, the phenomenon will not be detected until the following year, with an evident interim risk posed to human health and safety.
The solution: RemotAir®
RemotAir® is a remotely controlled Artificial Intelligence based system that constantly monitors air treatment system hygiene, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Unlike traditional inspection methods, RemotAir® constantly monitors the system’s hygiene conditions and immediately alerts any need for intervention. Furthermore, thanks to its self-learning intelligence, RemotAir® learns from its experience in performing predictive analyses of the development of any contamination, thus anticipating, well in advance, any phenomena potentially hazardous for human health.
For our customers, this means their system is always under control, allowing prompt intervention in case of any hygiene problems, and time and money savings that would otherwise be spent in unnecessary interventions. RemotAir® ensures advanced human health protection and solid legal protection for companies and their managers.
The advantages of the RemotAir® system
RemotAir’s Artificial Intelligence is like having an air systems hygienist always at your disposal, to fully analyse the hygiene of your air treatment system and intervene promptly in case of any need, guaranteeing workplace health and safety and providing a greater degree of legal protection.
RemotAir® system by Alisea

“Our initial goal” explains Dr. Andrea Casa, President of Alisea Srl – “was to make the monitoring of air treatment systems continuous, in order to guarantee our customers a greater degree of health, safety and legal protection. The technological challenge was then to create an affordable working system comparable to manual inspections carried out on the systems.
The success of the RemotAir® project comes down not only to Alisea’s vast technical experience, spanning twenty years in air treatment system hygiene management at an international level, but also to crucial research carried out together with partnering universities.
The result went well beyond the initial expectations”, – continues Dr. Casa“with the project’s integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. At that point, our horizons expanded, and, from continuous remote control, we moved on to the dimension of predictive analysis. For our market, it is as if we had made a leap forward right into the future”.

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