Massimo Albertini wins the NADCA MVP Award, a prize for his committment to spreading the culture of clean air.

Spreading the culture of clean air!

The issue of outdoor and indoor pollution and the need for a culture of clean air

Considering the historical moment we’re currently living in, with a global pollution issue, spreading the culture of clean air is essential to change our quality of life for the better. Outdoor pollution and indoor pollution threaten human health, but establishing the correct habits can reverse course. Let’s just think about the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals or about the European Green Deal and the Nature Restoration Law: these are all initiatives that we have to take seriously if we want to win the battle against outdoor air pollution. But what about indoor pollution? This is a phenomenon we can avoid thanks to correct hygienic management of HVAC systems. Together with facility managers and indoor air quality managers, duct cleaners need to share and spread their knowledge to build the culture of clean air: it’s not just a job, but a true mission. Those who provide HVAC hygiene services don’t just clean your ducts, filters, batteries and AHUs: they keep you safe!

Alisea’s and Remotair’s partnership with NADCA

At Alisea (the company that invented Remotair), we’ve been in the field of HVAC hygiene for nearly 25 years now, and we associated to NADCA in 2003, being the ones who raised the issue of indoor air pollution in Italy. Every year, we participate in the NADCA Annual Meeting with colleagues form all over the world, and we also attend ANAM, the Annual NADCA AIISA Meeting (AIISA is the Italian HVAC Hygiene Association and our CEO is of its co-founders!). 

In particular, this year’s NADCA Annual Meeting, held in Las Vegas from March 4 to March 6, was very special for us. Massimo Albertini, our Technical Director and Resposible for the R&D Department, won the NADCA MVP Award! Only people who are truly committed to the association and who work hard to achieve common goals are awared this prize. This is a true honor for us, because the MVP Award it is a recognition that adds even more value to our daily work. In the cover image of this article, you can see a picture taken at the award ceremony!

A trade show to spread the culture of clean air

This year, as we have in the last few, we participated in the HVAC R EXPO at the Big 5 Saudi, one of the world’s biggest and most important construction industry trade shows. We were not alone: we received costant support from our local partners and  stakeholders. Remotair was also analysed during a short conference entitled Innovations in community management: Examining case studies on FM challenges and unique solutions. Trade shows like this one are the perfect place to spread knowledge on the culture of clean air, and raising awareness among the people who create the buildings where we live is certainly one of the best ways to start. Our well-being and our health & safety often depend on the places we spend our time in!
Pictures of the Remotair Team at the HVAC R EXPO Saudi trade show to spread the culture of clean air.

Reasons why Remotair is chaning the game in the HVAC hygiene sector

If you’ve been following us recently, you surely know that Remotair is the next-generation technology that you need to install in you HVAC systems!

  • With its integrated cameras, Remotair takes various pictures of your HVAC systems every day. It creates a history of your HVAC hygienic conditions and learns when it’s time to schedule corrective actions! This is the only systems that adds a camera to its sensors, allowing you to see what happens inside your ventilation systems
  • Thanks to the cameras and sensors, Remotair performs automatic inspections of HVAC systems (ducts, AHU, filters and coils). This will save you lots of time, because Remotair warns you just before HVAC contaminations start to become dangerous. Don’t constantly worry about HVAC hygienic conditions, Remotair does that for you! 
  • Automatic inspections also mean that you won’t have to trust who wants you to clean the entire HVAC system every time (which is also very expensive), but you’ll see with your own eyes what happens and you’ll be able to schedule targeted actions. 

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