Product photo of one Remotair device: camera device.

Remotair: 5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate It In Your Building

In the last few articles, we’ve already discussed predictive HVAC hygienic maintenance. In a world where the keywords of the construction industry are building automation, smart buildings and sustainability, the kind of HVAC hygienic maintenance you choose plays an important part for building managers, facility managers and all the people that have an active role in building health and safety. Remotair is the game changer for all of these professionals!

What’s Remotair?

Remotair is a predictive maintenance system that’s revolutionizing the HVAC sector. With it’s cameras, it automatically performs daily inspections, simplyfing the job of HVAC specialists: no more need for contamination check-ups, you’ll just receive a notification when it’s cleaning time! This is a great step forward in HVAC maintenance, because now smart building can become even safer than before.

Predictive HVAC Maintenance And Sustainability

The possibility to detect any contaminations in time, before the air building occupants breathe becomes polluted and dangerous for human health, makes it possible to lower indoor pollution, while avoiding costly and invasive urgent corrective actions. This means that Remotair can give your building a sustainability boost too, from both a social, financial and environmental point of view.

5 Reasons To Integrate Remotair In Your Building

Based on what we said so far, here are 5 reasons why you should choose Remotair for your building:

  • Health and safety–> lowering indoor air pollution levels means that you can keep people safe by avoiding Building Related Illnesses.
  • Sustainability–> Remotair will give your building a sustainability boost from all points of view: social (occupants’ wellness, comfort and safety); financial (avoid waste of energy and, consequently, of money); enviromental (lower pollution levels).
  • Innovation–> Remotair is the predictive maintenance solution for the most innovative buildings: we already have partners and customers from all around the world (Luxemburg, Uk, India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Italy and more)!
  • Facilitate the job of people in charge of HVAC–> less effort, higher quality!
  • Obtain WELL Certification Bonus–> Once installed, Remotair can give you WELL Certification bonuses!
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